• The Black Clover (map)
  • 1165 5 Avenue
  • Prince George, BC, V2L 3L1
  • Canada

Hailing from the small mountain town of Golden, BC, Curtis Butala is a Calgary-based singer/songwriter. Citing influences as diverse as AC/DC and Johnny Cash, his rock ’n roll style is as diverse as the loyal fans who come to hear him play.

A self-taught musician, Butala has been writing and performing music for over 15 years. From 2009–2015, Butala was the lead vocalist in the high-octane band Kingdom of Few. Their single "Rich Man" was played on radio stations across Canada. Appearances at Sturgis North, Canadian Music Week, Toronto Indie Week and the Boonstock Music Festival solidified Kingdom of Few as a notable hard rock act.

In 2015, Butala branched out musically with the new band Saints and Sinners, providing a more musically diverse sound with elements of rockabilly, blues, country and R&B, mixed around a pure rock sound. Saints and Sinners has proven popular at local venues, in Calgary X and Y. 

A proud Albertan, Butala recently co-wrote and produced the new single “Alberta Strong,” inspired by the spring 2016 fire that devastated the town of Fort McMurray, Alberta. This release heralds a new beginning for Calgary’s own rock ’n roll troubadour.